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Tony K – Client Results

imageI’m in my mid-40’s and the CEO of a London UK based Digital Health start-up. I’m a busy executive with lots of demands on my time from family, social life and a passion for sport having competed in kickboxing at UK national level (2nd place black belt division 2009) so I know a fair bit about hard training, fitness and nutrition. A knee cartilage injury in the last couple of years and increasing work schedule was taking its toll and for 2 months I had plateaued in terms of weight and most importantly for me body fat %.

tonk-k-at-10-downingI saw Jeff on LinkedIn via a mutual contact and I decided to find out more but being candid I did it with major reservations – you could say I was very skeptical.

How could a virtual coach based on the west coast 5,000 miles and 8 time zones away possibly impact my strength, health and body composition?

So I came armed with real metrics and tough challenges:

  1. Lose over 4kg (8 lbs) and get under 75kg (165 lbs) without losing a single gram of muscle
  2. Get down to 12% of body fat (from 18.7%)
  3. Be stronger than I was 20 years ago!
  4. No extreme low-carb diets allowed that could impact my energy or leadership
  5. A sustainable approach for life not short term

The proof of the pudding is the results and I’ll come to those but here are the key points of my experience of being Jeff’s client.

  1. Set the foundation and the goals – he has a methodology that is holistic and meticulous. He helps you look at everything from social circle and environmental effects through to your motivation and readiness to change.
  2. Empathy and trust – he has a style that is adaptable, engaging, patient and non-judgmental. He’s on the journey with you, a guide and mentor.
  3. Evidence based research – I’m challenging and ask a lot of questions, I don’t take things at face value. What really impressed me about Jeff is his deep reading of research, from psychology to physiology to nutrition. Most importantly he takes the time to help you learn and understand and generously shares his knowledge with you.
  4. You’re unique and only you can know what works for you – he never imposes any regime; he gives you the options with evidence-based suggestions together with the pros and cons. Equipped with this knowledge and guidance – what you choose is down to you.
  5. Diligent tracking and responsiveness – Jeff is focused on metrics and feedback. Whatever I sent him (and however I sent it) from food diary, exercise, metrics or general questions – he always responded within 24 hours not just with answers but with evidence and research that supported his feedback.

So what did we achieve together?

These are the targets and the results we achieved within 10 weeks. Most importantly I now have the tools on how to sustain my gains or take it to the next level if I want to.

(Aug 20 2015))
13 pull-ups173.5 lbs
(78.6 kg)
Target19 pull-ups165.4 lbs
(75 kg)
(Nov 11 2015)
20 pull-ups163.3 lbs
(74 kg)

imageI’m delighted that I’ve achieved levels that I’ve not been close to for over 6 years and I didn’t expect to ever achieve again.

Most impressively I achieved a loss of 5.5kg of fat and no loss of muscle and I can honestly say there was never a major struggle of willpower and denial for me – there was just better knowledge and better guidance towards the right choices for me.

A nice positive is that I’ve been able to share this knowledge with my children and my friends and have positively impacted their healthy choices too. I’ve introduced better routines of strength and resistance to my training managing my knee and recurring back problems and I have more energy now than I have for years.

But most importantly Jeff has helped me find a personal equilibrium that I understand and that is sustainable for me.

In a fitness and diet industry that is often rightly criticized as being full of fads and misinformation it’s great to see someone like Jeff who is quietly going about the business of helping people achieve sustainable results. With rapid innovation in wearable and fabric sensors coming through I see real growth and potential in the methods of virtual coaching provided by Jeff.

I’m even thinking of doing a Rocky and making a Kickboxing come back too!

Jeff,  I admit was initially a skeptic but you’re the real deal.

-Tony K