The Healthy Executive

Tommy T – Client Results

Tommy is President of family owned specialty construction firm founded in 1977, a husband since 2001, and a dad since 2004. Tommy’s main hobby is driving in sprint car races part time as a semi professional for his family team. He has no regrets that his main occupation is driving the family wall and ceiling business to the head of the pack.

Coaches Observation: In 5 months Tommy lost 12.2 lbs (5.5 kg) bodyfat and 3.5 inches (9 cm) from his waistline. His aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) improved 32% (from 37 to 48.4 ml/kg/min) as measured by timed 1.5 mile runs. Tommy reduced his daily carbohydrates by 40g (from 155 to 115) but still maintains his strength and energy on the job, in the gym, and on the racetrack. Working with a personal trainer he was able to increase his bench press from 250 to 285 lbs.

A self-professed picky eater and dieter since 9 years old, he had a history of “making the number” on the scale followed by a relapse. When I started working with Tommy, late evening stress-eating (due to the pressures of being a CEO) was his first health goal. This was successfully achieved by using a combination of a 5-HTP supplement, Fage yogurt, morning fiber (40g) , chia, paleo crunch, protein shakes and bars, and BBQ. As a result, he was able to order a new racing suit that better fit his improved physique.

In his own words, Tommy describes his journey in becoming healthier and fitter:

  • 5 months ago we started working together on your health objectives: namely stress-eating and losing fat. Which habits did you develop that allow you to sustain your success?
    • Logging my nutrition using MyFitnessPal made the biggest difference for me.
    • I also focus on quality of my sleep.
“There are no old fat guys.”
  • In your own words, describe what is easy or what is hard when sticking with with your healthy habits?
    • For me the hardest part is being out and about and making healthy choices especially in a group.
    • Getting my exercises done is pretty easy.
      • It’s definitely becomes something I look forward to, especially as I have a training partner.
“I was eating lots but not feeling full. Adding fiber to my diet made a huge improvement.”
  • How do you assess or measure yourself to see if you are staying on track with your health and fitness habits?
    • A tape measure matters most of all.
    • How I feel subjectively is also very important.
“Mastering food is the primary challenge in achieving full health.”

  • You’ve traveled on business and/or had guests stay with you. How did you maintain your health and fitness habits on the road or when hosting?
    • I focus on logging my nutrition daily using an app.
    • It definitely helps to know when I get off track, because then I can tighten up the next day.
“I made it through a day and night in Vegas with no sugar. Absolutely miraculous.”
  • What nutrition/fitness habit changes did you make in terms of how you socialize?
    • This one is still tough for me, but I try to stay aware and on track in those situations.
  • What do you enjoy the most about your healthy lifestyle? What inspires you to keep it day after day?
    • My clothes fitting is a nice thing and being happier with myself.
    • Using friendly competition is helping my progress.
“I’m gonna win it!! No mustache for me!!!” (coaches note: this was for a friendly health wager that Tommy won ahead of schedule)

  • If you could go back and do anything differently about improving your nutrition or fitness, what would you change?
    • Less alcohol would definitely help me to have come farther on my journey.
  • What was the hardest thing for you to change?
    • Late night sweet snacks used to be a big issue for me.
“Alcohol interfered with my sleep, and the fatigue increased my food cravings.”

  • You are a busy executive with many responsibilities. How do you find the time to be healthy?
    • I start the day with exercise first before any work gets done.
    • I use an app to track my food intake.
“My driving suit definitely wouldn’t have fit if we didn’t hook up!! 🏎🏆🥇”
  • How do you feel now compared to when you first started out?
    • I feel much more in control and definitely feel more muscular.
  • What do you like best about health coaching?
    • Accountability and reassurance.
“Under reporting my gym calories offsets anything extra I eat.”
  • What has surprised you the most about the health changes you’ve made?
    • That I could actually log my nutrition daily.
“My stress about what I eat is lower when I log my food.”
  • There are lots of people who are in your “Day 1” shoes. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for those folks? What can you say to those people to help make positive changes to their health or fitness?
    • I definitely recommend you diary your food intake.
    • Focus on building muscle for long term success.
“Just get in and win. That’s how it’s done!!”