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The Information Age is Dead, Welcome to the Transformation Age

I’m sure you’ll agree there are overwhelming amounts of advice and tactics on the internet about health and fitness. Some of it even gets scraped together and packaged into books and DVDs and programs. You probably have tried some of these, and if you are reading this you are likely in the 95% of people do not sustain long-term results.

Why is that?

As a Stanford MBA and systems engineer I spent several years and thousands of dollars researching why the health and fitness industry is broken and realized that information is necessary but not sufficient.

If you knew what to do (and you probably do), you would have done it by now…right?

The Healthy Executive methodology specializes in creating sustainable transformation by using an integrated systems approach.

The Information Age Is Dead. Welcome To The Transformation Age.

I continuously search for proven health and fitness solutions that give you maximum results in minimum time for the lowest cost.

Your Expected Results

You can expect the following results from The Healthy Executive Methodology:

  • Get leaner and feel stronger,
  • Improve your overall productivity,
  • Look 15 years younger,
  • Reduce your stress and travel fatigue,
  • Reduced your illness and sick days ,
  • Increase your energy levels,
  • Self-mastery of your health and fitness, and
  • Lower health insurance premiums[1]

To be candid, I am not for everybody. But for those elite few who are a match for me, I get them very good results.

But don’t take my word for it. See my client results for yourself.

My Results

12 week weight lossI lost 55 lbs (from 219 to 164). Without dieting. I built a strong lean body in just a few minutes a day. I began sleeping better. My stress levels dropped. I became much more productive at work. I make consistently good choices on a daily basis. I am emotionally balanced at home. I know I will be around to provide for my kids for the long haul.

In case I am making things sound easy, you should know I struggled and made lots of mistakes in the beginning.

Evidence Based Practices

Evidence-Based Practices

My methodology is evidence-based, rational, objective, logical, analytical, scientific, data-driven, pragmatic, individually tailored and results-oriented. It’s literally in my DNA to do this as automatically as breathing.

I use steps 1 and 2 in creating the free resources on this blog, and steps 4 through 6 for my coaching clients:

  1. Science
    1. Levels of Evidence in ScienceI read relevant scientific research and published studies for health and fitness.
    2. I also scour business journals for material regarding executive performance.
    3. I understand research study limitations and biases.
    4. I find primary authoritative sources on health, fitness, and performance (aka “totems”).
    5. I read authoritative bodies of published works.
    6. I do this daily for a minimum of 2 hours, and typically read 50 books a year.
  2. Crowd Sourcing
    1. I review the health and fitness community of evidence-based practices and results
    2. I find authoritative implementers who clearly document their results (aka “totems”).
    3. I share my own documented experience on what does/doesn’t work (n=1).
    4. I work to deeply understand if/why conventional wisdom is right/wrong and why.
    5. I weed out any and all armchair experts and bro-science.
  3. Prepare
    1. I maintain extensive resources such as surveys, tools, apps, calculators, recipes, lists, etc.
    2. I understand the overall process in extensive detail and stage it in manageable chunks.
    3. I determine key success measures to monitor progress.
    4. I determine with clients which habit changes will produce what outcomes for them.
  4. Plan
    1. I understand specific client desired outcomes and motivations.
    2. I understand each clients preferences, circumstances, and constraints.
    3. I developed a highly individualized plan for each client.
  5. Implementation
    1. I coach clients through their highly individualized plan.
    2. I monitor daily logs and results and provide direct feedback.
    3. I measure client progress against their key success measures.
    4. I adjust or fine-tune client plans on a weekly basis.
  6. Sustain
    1. I document plan data/results in writing, pre/post testimonial.
    2. I feedback any and all learnings or improvements to steps 3/4/5.
    3. I create an individual client exit plan such that that habits and results are sustainable.
    4. I monitor my clients and their exit plans weekly/monthly.
    5. I adjust or fine-tune transition parameters based on real-world constraints.
    6. I help client make their new habits and competence “unconscious” (i.e. automatic).

System Modules

My modular and integrated system consists of evidence-based best-practices that coach executives to develop self-mastery and sustainable results. My system is unique in that it integrates ALL of the following real-life factors:


  • Personal Health Psychology: Everyone has one of nine health psychology patterns that heavily influence their health and fitness choices.
  • Mastery Goals: Health is the result of self-mastery and automatic habits. Outcome or time-based goals are rarely, if ever, sustainable.
  • Conscious Alignment: We often hold multiple career/family/personal values or subconscious paradigms that are not aligned or even in conflict with each other.
  • Personal Motivation: I coach execs to harness their intrinsic locus of motivation and how to overcome extrinsic demotivaters.
  • Time: Execs claim they are too busy or don’t have time to focus on health. I provide multiple tactics to overcome this self-defeating script.
  • Weight Loss: Most execs typically need to lose 15 lbs or more, and I coach them on how to do it without dieting.
  • Sleep: Poor sleep can be directly linked to poor organizational performance. I show how it’s possible to sleep more and be more effective.
  • Stress: Many execs live in a sustained state of chronic stress which adversely affects their endocrine system and thus their productivity and health.
  • Body: Executives understand their perceived leadership image is influenced by how they look and carry themselves.
  • Energy: It’s hard to be innovative and creative when tired. Increased energy is directly correlated with increased productivity.
  • Travel: Managing nutrition and exercise on the road is tough. Travel also affects our sleep, stress, and energy. I teach simple rules to make leveraged improvements.
  • Meta Habits: Overcoming bad habits is good. Developing good habits is better. But meta-habits are the ‘secret’ to sustained health improvements.
  • Fitness: Highly functional fitness can be achieved in as little as 2.5 hours a week. I show executives how to do this, even when they are traveling.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition has profound effects on our health. Simple changes in what we eat can produce significant improvements.
  • Back & Neck Pain: Mobile devices and constant travel can result in poor posture  which in turn can lead to pain and poor sleep.
  • Longevity: All executives are concerned about providing for their families and setting a good example for their kids. I coach them how to be an effective health influence on their loved ones.
  • Conflicting Science: Every day a new study in the news headlines contradicts yesterday’s research. I keep up-to-the-minute and sort out the latest science, including when the conventional wisdom is superseded by better data.
  • Crowd-sourcing: A respectable amount of personal health innovation is occurring in networked communities such as Epigenetics, Quantified Self, and Hyper Wellbeing.

There are many separate experts for each the functional areas enumerated above. But it’s also true that each individual function interacts with all of the other areas.

The Healthy Executive methodology systematically creates sustainable long-term changes in your health and fitness. My focus on personal health psychology is unique in an industry awash in personal trainers, registered dietitians, yoga classes, and gyms.

All my program modules and resources are easily accessible across multiple devices via secure cloud-based storage.[2] Coaching sessions are done by mobile phone, tablet, or laptop (video, voice, text messaging, email) and can be scheduled on a 7×24 basis (in recognition of travel schedules and international time zones).

My Qualifications

I run a concierge online health and fitness coaching practice for business leaders that want to improve their personal and professional performance. My on-demand digital coaching is for the 75% of leaders who don’t need more information, but do want to find time put it consistently into action.

  1. First and foremost, I get real-world results for busy executives like Tony K, Tony MIan P, and Dylan P.
  2. I am a LinkedIn Top 25 Executive Health Coach and a Strength & Conditioning Trainer at the San Carlos Fitness Center. I am an online health expert and advisor to, a digital health company.
  3. You can see published samples of my work on The Ladders, Men’s Health Network, PsychCentral, White Coat FitnessPersonal Leadership Insights, Drive For Men’s Health, MoneyForLunchThe Good Men Project and LinkedIn Pulse.
  4. imageI have a Level I health psychology certification (Patterns Adapting To Health).
  5. I am a volunteer online coach for Pillrs, a text-message based addiction recovery community.
  6. I have an Exec MBA from Stanford GSB and I’ve trained at Harvard HBS. UCLA Anderson and Berekley Haas have hosted me as guest speaker.
  7. My Bachelors of Science is in Systems Optimization and I started my career as a researcher in a government laboratory then later as a member of scientific staff in private research and development.

I am obsessed with achieving and sustaining lasting health results in our fast-paced business world. I research for thousands of hours on medical sites and have read over 700 books on performance, nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep (to name just a few). I turn myself into a human guinea pig in my quest to find out what actually works. I wade through a lot of conflicting studies and ‘bro’ science (you know, the 23 year bodybuilders who are naturally healthy by virtue of their age). I chew through every diet and suffer through every exercise program. I log every bite of food I eat and every second of exercise I perform.

I’ve spent years figuring out what works so you don’t have to. Why reinvent the wheel?

Your Next Step…

You can lead stronger and lead longer, but only if you take action.

Learn how by getting your free monthly updates that contain practical and actionable executive health tips:

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  1. Some (not all) insurance carriers offer premium discounts for employees enrolled in a wellness program or for meeting certain health parameters (i.e. BMI).  ↩
  2. All personal health information (PHI) is handled using secure systems that are compliant with: ↩
    • US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
    • European Data Protection (Directive 95/46/EC)
    • Canada Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)
    • Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
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