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National Health Coach Week 2017

January marks the start of our 2017 resolutions.

So it’s no coincidence that National Health Coach Week coincides with this month.

Health coaches work with clients just like you to make sizable shifts from unhealthy habits to sustainable habits for long-lasting health.

How NOT To Repeat 2016…

Life is about choices, and if you keeping making the same choices, obviously you are going to get the same results.

This table shows two different paths you can take. The first path may be familiar because we’ve all tried it:

 On Your OwnWith A Coach
January"This year will be different!"
(Buy diet book and enroll in exercise class.)
Personalized system and programming for your ideal body.
February"I'm losing weight!!"
(Mostly water loss ^1)
Develop nutrition habits for fat loss.
March"I feel stronger!!"
(Mostly CNS gains ^2)
Develop fitness habits to build lean muscle.
April"I'm not losing weight or gaining muscle."
(This is hard. Dieting and exercise suck)
Losing actual fat.
Building lean muscle.
(Get compliments on your new look from family and coworkers)
May"I just want to look good on the beach for family vacation""Eating healthy and being fit is easier than I thought"
JuneTake selfies at beach.
(Too embarrassing to post on FaceBook)
Take selfies at beach.
(Post them on FaceBook)
Vacation to Thanksgiving8 out of 10 people have given by this point.8 out of 10 people have developed sustainable health habits.
Thanksgiving to Christmas"I'll do better next year....""I can maintain my weight and fitness for the rest of my life".
^1: The majority of early diet weight loss is due to sodium and sugar restrictions that cause you to shed water, not fat.
^2: The majority of early strength gains are due to central nervous system (CNS) improvements in recruiting muscle NOT muscle growth.

The second path may appear a little self-serving (I am a health coach).

BUT the second path was the key to success for me. I could not be where I am today without my coaches (I use a nutrition coach, strength coach, business coach, and supervisory coach).

Is Health Coaching Right For You?

This definitive guide gives you a clear picture of how a health coach can help you achieve the your weight, strength, stamina, and longevity goals.

This guide tells you exactly what to look for in a health coach and how to evaluate the right one for you.

Discover the four obstacles that prevent you from getting the results you want, including the costs of not using a health coach.

After using this guide you will know exactly how you can use a health coach to achieve the body of your dreams.

I wrote this guide because I could not find a resource like it anywhere else. Get your copy here.

Learn more about National Health Coaching week.

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