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Executive Posture


Many executives myself included suffer from what I call “limo gut” and “tech neck”:

  • Limo gut:
    • the result of excessive sitting in planes, taxis, and long meetings.
    • also known as Lower Cross Syndrome.
  • Tech neck:
    • the result of excessive forward craning of the head while working on smartphones and tablets.
    • also known as Lower Cross Syndrome.

Poor posture  drains our energy and mood. It has been linked to everything from low energy and stress to increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

As busy executives, we tend to ignore posture problems until we experience lower back pain or sleep poor due to neck pain (or both :).

In my online coaching program I teach a Posture Module that remediate lower-cross and upper-cross syndromes (the technical names for limo-gut and tech-neck).

Many executives who implement my posture module experience the “side-effects” of getting a little thinner and taller. Some of my clients also report better energy and self-confidence.

  • POWER TIP: A simple hack to improve your posture is to shift your backpack from your back to your front.
    • Doing this helps correct forward pelvic tilt and rounding of the shoulders.
    • Even better: switch to a messenger-style bag that puts the load at hip-level, below your center of gravity.


Lose 1″ Off Your Waist  For Free

I did an experiment where I performed 10 sessions of my lower-back program over 4 weeks (once every 3 days). During that time I kept my nutrition and exercise constant such that my starting and ending weight stayed the same (i.e no measured muscle gain or fat loss).

Below I graphed my results.

You can see I lost 1.2″ (3 cm) from my waistline even though my weight remained the same.

  • Tip: A great time to do back and neck conditioning is in the airport or hotel when traveling.
    • It’s the perfect antidote to long hours in taxis, planes, and meetings.
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