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Dylan P – Client Results


Dylan P aspires to fly for the National Air Guard and approached The Healthy Executive to get him in shape to meet the Air Force fitness requirements. I designed and coached him through an initial 8-week nutrition and fitness program.

Dylan subsequently developed these health and fitness principles into his own custom nutrition and exercise program as part of his senior project. These are his results in his own words:

Today marks the end of a 3 week journey that has been truly life changing for me. Several aspects of my day to day life has changed since I first posted on this blog and I would love to share these changes with you. To start things off, the most prominent change that I have experienced from my workout program is my physical condition. My project was titled “Physical Development” and I really did accomplish this. My heart rate in the beginning would shoot easily up into the 180 bpm range with just 5 minutes of activity. By the end of the program I was averaging 144 bpm on hour long high intensity strength workouts. When I entered the third week, the workouts began to feel more like a routine then something I had to go out of my way to do. This ties in with my improvement in attitude. Eating healthy changed my attitude and my lifestyle the most, proving to be an essential part of the program. In the past I had played sports and ate anything that I could eat. I never took advantage of the fruits of my labor. During the program I began to realize that eating healthy played a huge role in every workout and my day to day life. I began to improve in my academics, my attitude in general, and recovered from workouts much quicker. This combination of a physical and mental change to myself changed who I am. I am much happier and look at things more positively. I am planning on continuing this program throughout the rest of the year because I have never felt as great as I felt in the last week of the program.

Dylan documented his exact diet, exercises, and results and blogged his improvements in health and fitness which you can read about here.


[Full Disclosure: I am also Dylan’s father and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Many of my clients also aspire to model healthy habits, nutrition, and fitness for their families and kids because they understand that these lessons are better ‘caught’ than ‘taught’]

Dylan P