The Healthy Executive

Executive Team Coaching – Results To Date

health and productivityThe majority of my clients are individual CEO’s and business leaders. But I also coach entire corporate leadership teams at the request of CEO’s who understand the connection between the health of their business and the health of their team.

Currently I am coaching a corporate leadership team of 8 executives in public company to improve their individual health and fitness.

They agreed to be surveyed about their online health coaching experiences.

Below are their detailed responses as surveyed by an independent third-party.

Briefly summarized, the 8 executives were most satisfied with their:

  • Individualized Goals and Custom Programs
  • Motivation  and Personalized Support
  • Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Improvements

Areas that proved more challenging to implement include:

  • Nutrition Logging
  • Stress Eating
  • Aerobic (Cardio) Training

Verbatim session feedback and objective benchmark measurements show the fastest gains occurred in their energy and strength levels. The slowest changes were observed in their body recomposition, typically fat loss. Their number one challenge in maintaining program adherence was customer-related business travel.


Note: this survey measures results about half-way through my overall Healthy Executive system. A full case study will be published later this Fall with the final results.

I also advise CEO’s on employee wellness trends. Several giants of global industry, including Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, and PepsiCo have joined forces with nonprofit health advocacy groups to call for businesses large and small to publish information about the health of their employees.