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Tony Before

6 months ago I was shocked into realising I needed to get healthy. My brother died of a heart attack and then my doctor told me I was overweight, had high cholesterol, and I was damaging my liver.

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Tony After

I created a goal of 6 months to get back to being healthy, but beyond that there wasn’t much of a plan: eat/drink less, do some exercise.

This is where Jeff came in. Each week we would chat on skype covering subjects like eating smarter and developing a regular exercise routine. Over the weeks my plan gained a direction and became solid. And my weight started to drop.

Over the months Jeff helped me stay motivated when the weight just did not want to go, or when friends and family seemed to be against my success.

Tony’s Results

And I did it. 6 months later I’m at my ideal weight (16kg loss) and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. In the next call with Jeff we will be chatting about how I will sustain this new found health.


Seven months later Tony continues to maintain his goal weight and target strength levels.

You can read how he sustains his health and fitness while running his growing business here.


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