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CEO Pays Workers up to $500 to Sleep

  • 43 percent of business executives say they don’t get enough sleep at least four nights a week
  • Nearly six out of 10 say they don’t sleep enough at least three nights a week.

Creating a culture that encourages workers to get more sleep can be a boon to your business, said Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  1. “You can’t be prepared if you’re half-asleep,” says Bertolini, and he has the numbers to back-up his claim that better sleep can lead to bigger profits.
  2. “If they can prove they get 20 nights of sleep for seven hours or more in a row, we will give them $25 a night, up $500 a year,” he said, explaining Aetna uses various ways to help workers keep track, including the use of fitness trackers.
  3. Bertolini said he’s seen “69 minutes more a month of [worker] productivity on the part of us just investing in wellness and mindfulness.”
  4. Bertolini said he started a program last year to encourage Aetna employees to get more sleep and earn extra money.
  5. You can read the entire story at CNBC.

Healthy Executive Sleep Tip

How many pillows does it take for you to be comfortable at night?

In my assessment system, if you need more than 1 pillow, its very likely you have a neck or joint mobility issue.

This issue is quite common for executives who:

  • Read emails on cellphones
  • Write emails on tablets or laptops
  • Travel extensively

Left unaddressed, neck & joint mobility issues result in:

  • Poor sleep,
  • Reduced performance due to fatigue,
  • Increased stress and irritability,
  • Weight gain (we eat more when tired)

My Executive Health Coaching System includes a Module dedicated to improve neck mobility, sleep, and posture.

CEOs are concerned about the health of their business AND their employees health.

You can stay updated about Corporate Health Trends, Executive Performance, and Employee Wellness here.

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