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Get Fit By Gaining Weight

I’d be hard pressed to say which was the worst day of my life.

Maybe it was the day my wife informed me she wanted a divorce. I felt blindsided. That hurt stayed with me for a long time.

Then there was the day I woke up exhausted, stumbled into the bathroom and tipped the scales over 55 lbs overweight. In that moment I hated my reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

Both those days sucked.

But pain has signaling value.

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Fat To Fit: What’s Possible In 4 Weeks?

before and after I became The Healthy Executive

Getting fat and out-of-shape was easiest thing I ever did in my life.

It happened while I was stressed out taking a high-tech company public.

Compared to making a million dollars, the hardest thing I ever did was lose 50 lbs and get back into shape.

As a busy executive I had no spare time, traveled extensively, and hated going to the gym.

But I struggled on anyhow…failed often…persevered nevertheless…took two steps backwards…experimented ruthlessly…kept only what was needed…and threw out everything that didn’t work.

In this post I share with you what works, plus this month’s self-experiment in getting to 8% bodyfat.

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Client Results Update – Ian

Eight Months Later And Still Going Strong

Many of us begin motivated to diet or exercise …. but then taper off …. only to find ourselves back where we started six months later.

So how can we improve, and more importantly how do we sustain our health and fitness for life?

One of the best ways is to learn from those who demonstrate ongoing self-mastery of their health.

Over an 8 month period Ian lost 4″ off his waist, lost 14.5 lbs of fat, and gained 1.6 lbs of lean muscle.

These are Ian’s insights…

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World Health Day 2017

The highest rate of depression is in men aged 40 – 59

Each year the World Health Organization chooses a global health issue to focus on, and this year they are focusing on depression.

Things happen in life, like difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback. These challenges can take a serious toll on your mental health, if left unchecked. Many men tough it out and struggle alone.

Some ways to look after your mental health

  • Do more of the things that make you feel great and help you to de-stress
  • Spend time with friends
  • Share what’s going on, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed

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Lose Fat, Add Muscle? 4 Week Self-Experiment

Reading time: 2.0 minutes (1200 words @ 600 wpm[1])

Are you wasting your time working out at the gym or on the trail?

Did you know that being a few pounds overweight cancels out your fitness efforts?

Extra fat undermines the benefits extra muscle (below I explain this in detail).

Nobody can afford to waste their time, especially busy executives.

Here’s what you can do:

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Lucas – Client Results

rkn-logoAs Redknee’s founder and first employee, Lucas Skoczkowski has been directing the execution of Redknee’s business activities and corporate operations since 1999. In 2014, Lucas was featured in the Global Telecoms Business list of top 100 most influential executives in the telecoms business.

Coaching Observations:

Lucas approached me with dual health and fitness objectives:

  • for his executive leadership team (ELT),
  • and for himself as CEO.

Both Lucas and his executive team shared several characteristics in common:

  • Strong motivation to proactively get results
  • Stressful job roles involving constant international travel
  • An ethos of continuous improvement in a highly competitive industry

In his own words, Lucas describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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