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Client Results

Healthy Executive clients share their real-world health and fitness results and their personal insights on what it takes to lead longer and lead stronger.

After their initial health and fitness success, over 85% of my clients go on to become repeat customers of The Healthy Executive

To see detailed results and exactly how my clients achieved them, you can scroll through these testimonials and click on any of them to see how they did it:

Client Results Update – Ian

Eight Months Later And Still Going Strong

Many of us begin motivated to diet or exercise …. but then taper off …. only to find ourselves back where we started six months later.

So how can we improve, and more importantly how do we sustain our health and fitness for life?

One of the best ways is to learn from those who demonstrate ongoing self-mastery of their health.

Over an 8 month period Ian lost 4″ off his waist, lost 14.5 lbs of fat, and gained 1.6 lbs of lean muscle.

These are Ian’s insights…

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Lucas – Client Results

rkn-logoAs Redknee’s founder and first employee, Lucas Skoczkowski has been directing the execution of Redknee’s business activities and corporate operations since 1999. In 2014, Lucas was featured in the Global Telecoms Business list of top 100 most influential executives in the telecoms business.

Coaching Observations:

Lucas approached me with dual health and fitness objectives:

  • for his executive leadership team (ELT),
  • and for himself as CEO.

Both Lucas and his executive team shared several characteristics in common:

  • Strong motivation to proactively get results
  • Stressful job roles involving constant international travel
  • An ethos of continuous improvement in a highly competitive industry

In his own words, Lucas describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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Executive Health – Corporate Case Study

Increase Corporate Performance By

Increasing Executive Energy

Some executives power through fatigue. Others fall ill. Is the reason solely due to pressure? Hardly. Sustained high achievement demands energy and strength, as well as a sharp intellect. To bring mind and body to peak energy and performance, executives need to learn what ultra-endurance athletes already know: increasing energy is an important antidote to stress, fatigue, and illness.

health and productivity

by Jeff Popoff

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I f there is one quality that CEOs seek for themselves and their executives, it is sustained high performance in the face of ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. But the source of such performance can be elusive and seem more fiction than fact. Performance experts have long sought to identify what makes some people stay strong under pressure and others fold. I maintain they have come up with only partial answers: results-based incentives, work-life balance programs, mindfulness-based stress reduction.

The problem with most approaches, I believe, us that they deal with people at the cognitive level, connecting high performance with access to more data or better information. In recent years there has been a growing focus on the relationship between stress, mindfulness, and high performance. Almost no one has paid attention to the role played by physical stamina and fatigue. A successful approach to high performance energy, I have found, must focus on transformation instead of information and take into account the real-word specifics of executive life both at work and home.

My approach has its roots in the decades I spent training as an ultra-endurance athlete and as a senior executive. Several years ago, executives began to ask me to help them improve their stamina, strength, and energy levels. In effect, they saw the connection between high performance at work and high performance in ultra-distance competition. They realized that to perform under pressure for the long haul, they would have to train in the systematic multi-level way that world-class athletes do. I have now tested this transformative energy model on dozens of executives. Their dramatically improved performance and their enhanced energy and stamina confirm my hypothesis of a transformative and concierge model of health and fitness. In the pages that follow, I describe my approach and results in detail.

“Being fit and energetic gives me at least four extra hours of productive time every day” — Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

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Vishal – Client Results

Vishal K is a Chief Operating Officer of a global high-tech company and is responsible for sales, delivery and support organizations. He leads a diverse and experienced team that is responsible for all aspects of the company’s sales, operations and delivery services including professional services and customer support.

Coaching Observations: Vishal started his online coaching with good foundation of nutrition (vegetarian) and aerobic fitness (avid runner and former squash player). His main fitness goal was to develop his strength and lean body mass. He followed a basic but effective bodyweight strength routine. He also incorporated interval training into his regular running routine. His nutritional goal was to improve his macronutrients, specifically increasing protein and decreasing sugar.

Vishal’s composite strength increased an average of 66% based on his following individual measures:

  • 117% increase in Pull-ups (from 12 to 26)
  • 200% increase in Push-ups (from 6 to 18)
  • 33% increase in Squats (from 43 to 57)
  • 66% composite increase [(26+18+57)/(12+6+43)]

In his own words, Vishal describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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Chris M – Client Results

chris-mcgradyChris M has 25 years’ experience in the IT industry and is Vice President of Human Resources, Integration Management, and Corporate IT & Security.

Coaching Observations: Chris’s health goal was to lose weight and his fitness goal was to run comfortably with less wear and tear on his body. His master goal was eudaimonia, the Aristotelian ethic of “human flourishing” or living well. Chris has a “family centered” heath psychology and this borne out as he became his son’s running coach. While in my program, Chris contracted an acute respiratory illness but he made an expedient and full recovery. In his opinion, the robustness of his health was a key factor in his recovery; this was corroborated by hospital tests of his immune system.

Nutritionally Chris eats well at home and on the road, but finds diet a bit more challenging when his kids are home during school holidays. As a result making Healthy Executive changes to his nutrition, he was able to reduce his weight nearly 20kg (from an all-time of high of 136 to 116kg).

My baseline measurements indicated Chris was physically strong — in the 99% percentile for grip strength and push-ups, and the 95% percentile for aerobic capacity. His sitting-rising test score indicated less than ideal lower-body flexibility (lower back and knees). He improved his lower back flexibility by stretching and rowing twice a week and used an elliptical trainer to work around a recurrent knee injury. Chris does regular strength training and improved his lifting when coached on the “in-roading” technique.

In his own words, Chris describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:
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Angela – Client Results

Angela JetAngela is a professional engineer and a senior sales executive at a high-tech company. Her role requires frequent international business travel. She servers on the Diversity’s Women on Boards Committee for the Information Technology Association of Canada and was Founder and Co-Chair of the Women in Trades, Technology & Engineering Committee.

In her own words, Angela describes her experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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Chris N – Client Results

chris-cmoChris N is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at a global high tech company. He is responsible for product management, corporate and product marketing, and patent portfolio development.

Coaching Observations: Chris began his coaching already healthy and fit and at a good weight. He achieved an almost perfect score in the Sitting-Rising Test (SRT). His assessment scores showed preexisting good commitment to health, fitness, and nutrition. His food environment, social support, and readiness for change scores were also positive. His stress was moderately elevated (70th percentile) — not unexpected given his corporate role. Chris’s motivation was that he saw his “free health pass expiring” and wanted to improve his nutrition and protect his back against preventable and future injuries.

Chris used his health coaching to explore his nutrition and exercise options. He then selectively adopting habits that worked best for him — notably exercise when traveling and smartphone tracking and tutorial apps. He also joined squash club and began training for a half-marathon. Interestingly, Chris rated the format of online coaching sessions as low for him. But at the same time he also asked many good health and fitness questions and was able to translate my recommendations into modes that fit his psychology and lifestyle. In the context of his already good health and fitness this is not an unreasonable outcome.

In his own words, Chris describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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David C – Client Results

cfoDavid C is the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of a publicly traded high-tech company. David is responsible for all financial and corporate matters of the company, including financial and management reporting, financial planning and analysis and investor relations as well as the legal function.

Coaching Observations: Due to the nature of his corporate role, David started his health coaching with high stress levels. His readiness assessment score was noncommittal and his nutrition awareness score was neutral to low. His motivation to improve his health included a vacation in Hawaii and an 82 year-old role model who was very active and very healthy. David faced the usual challenges of corporate travel and team-building meals. He also had to overcome a minor injury that prevented him for exercising for a few weeks.

Because of the timing of his annual executive health review at Cleveland Clinic, David was able to objectively measure his year-on-year health coaching changes as follows:

  • Lost 13 pounds (from 190 to 177)
  • Lost 5 inches off his waist (from 43″ to 38″)
  • 24% improvement in aerobic capacity (from 33 to 41 ml/kg/min)
  • 1.5 cm taller in height (improved posture)
  • 9% increase in Grip Strength (from old L: 91.4 / R: 96.2 / A:187.6 to L: 98.6 /R: 106 / A: 204.6)
  • Stronger in Push-Pull Test
  • Improved blood work
  • Lowered cardiovascular risk  (Framingham Score)

On a day-to-day level, David noticed his clothes fit looser. He developed greater nutritional awareness about sugar and protein and kept healthy snacks at work when he notice the company snack bowl was stocked with chocolates and chips. He sustained his health and fitness routines while on vacation, especially his walking. The CEO of his company noticed and commented quite favorable on David’s health and fitness improvements.

In his own words, David describes his experiences and insights into becoming healthier and fitter:

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