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What You Get Working With Me

If you are a busy leader who stress-eats, needs to lose a few pounds, travels for business, and has no time to work out then I totally get it.

That used to be me too, until I figured out how to lose weight and get fit in less that 1 hour a week.

You need results. You don’t have time to waste. You need someone you can trust.

My purpose is to get you health and fitness results that last for a lifetime .

I am an internationally recognized online health & fitness coach to top executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world.

As Founder of The Healthy Executive, I am here to help you lead stronger and lead longer.

Here’s how you can benefit and how I operate:

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New TRT Alternative? A Self-Experiment


Testosterone is fundamentally important to a man’s well being, health, and fitness. It regulates our sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm.

Strength and lean muscle mass is the #1 predictor of male longevity. And these highly valuable qualities also make us productive breadwinners for our families.

What You Need To Know (TLDR;)

  1. Male strength and power is based on lean muscle which depends on testosterone levels.
  2. Male testosterone levels are globally declining for unknown reasons; levels also naturally decline as we age.
  3. There are several methods to boost testosterone and lean muscle, including a new option.
  4. SARMS are a recent development that shows promise in increasing lean muscle mass and reducing fat similar to testosterone, but with fewer side-effects.
  5. I self-experimented with SARMS and added 8.6 lbs of lean muscle and lost 5.4% body-fat in 6 weeks.

In this post, I self-experiment with a new option to boost anabolic muscle protein synthesis and discuss it in the context of traditional options such as testosterone replacement therapy (aka TRT).

OptionStatusCostPROS & CONS
1. Lifestyle FactorsLegalInexpensiveChronic stress is part of the executive role.
Many endocrine disruptors can be self-managed.
(stress, sleep, nutrition, fitness)
2. Natural SupplementsLegalInexpensiveNot anabolic.
May improve libido.
Few negative side-effects.
3. TRTLegalCovered by insurance.Lifetime treatment.
Medically supervised.
Pharma-grade (USP/GMP).
4. SteroidsIllegalExpensiveSide effects (HPTA Suppression).
Reversibility = Dependency.
Underground Labs (No USP/GMP).
5. SARMSLegal for research.
Banned from sports.
InexpensiveOral (non-injectable).
Anabolic, not Androgenic.
Limited side-effects.

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Han R – Client Results

Han has over 8 years of fixed income and fintech experience and specialized in corporate bond origination leading $30+ billion in deals for over 40 multi-national corporations. He has a 3rd degree Taekwondo black belt.

Coaches Observation: Han made it his goal to look good at his best friends wedding. In 4 months he lost almost 6kg/13lbs body-fat and was able to fit into his suits more comfortably. At the wedding he received positive feedback from people who had seen him prior to his health coaching. Han added interval training to his fitness repertoire and in 3 weeks was able to improve his cardiovascular efficiency by 12% (as measured by V02 Max change from 33.8 to 37.8 ml/min/kg).

Han’s initial nutrition logging and analysis showed that carbohydrates were a little high and protein was a little low to reach his target body composition. He made the necessary adjustments (daily protein shake/bar, taking his lunch to work, increased his fiber) and saw positive improvements which he tracked using an online spreadsheet. Han’s father gained significant amount of weight in his business career but was later able to lose 22kg/49lbs. His example was a positive motivator for Han.

In his own words, Han describes his journey in becoming healthier and fitter:
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More Valuable Than Money

Picture me holding a shotgun to your head and yelling at you:

“Your money or your life?”

99% of you would answer “take my money”! Because money is worthless when you are dead. Because its better to be broke but alive. Because you can always earn more. Because you can always move back into your parent’s basement. Unless you are Batman….his parents got shot.

That was too easy of course. But now I bring the crazy and get a little freaky on you. I flip off the safety and yell:

“Your money or your muscles!”

WTF!!?! Right???!

But I know something you don’t:

The loss of 40% of lean body mass is 100% fatal.

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Why Science-Based Diets Get It Wrong

Every day headlines announce:

  • a new government nutrition guideline, or
  • the latest science-based diet, or
  • a promising clinical trial.

Sometimes it feels like there is way too much advice to sort though. Especially when even experts disagree with each other.

Even worse, when you try following the latest nutrition/diet advice, 99% of the time it doesn’t work or gets overturned by new research.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

The reason(s) might surprise you.

The main reason is very simple.

But there are a host of subtle reasons as well.

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