The Healthy Executive

Alex M – Client Results

Alex is Founder and Principal of an end-to-end product management consulting firm that delivers fund raising, market valuation, and go-to-market leadership. He holds 6 high-tech patents and is the father of three ten-year-old children.

Coaches Observation: In 3 months Alex lost 45.5 lbs (20.6 kg) bodyfat and 6.5 inches (16.5cm) from his waistline. He even managed to lose 4 lbs while on vacation for 4 weeks instead of gaining weight! A self-confessed “pacer”, his main activity was walking — in fact he did his coaching calls with me by cellphone while walking in his local neighborhood. An avid skier, Alex’s mid-term goal is to be fit enough to effortlessly ski several days in a row. Longer term, wants to model positive health and fitness habits for his kids that will form a generational legacy for his grandkids.

In his own words, Alex describes his journey in becoming healthier and fitter:

6 Month Update

One of the goals Alex set for himself was to to lose 45 lbs before his next birthday.

As his update from MyFitness Pal shows, he made it!

“Bam! 45 pounds gone!”

I’ve tried many diets over the years and I got frustrated because they never worked.

I believed my Doctor about Metabolic Syndrome and losing weight was very difficult for me.

I got a coach, Jeff Popoff @ The Healthy Executive.

“I learned the ONE thing about my diet that I never understood before and now my fat is gone. It wasn’t hard and the weight loss was consistent.”

Not quite done yet. 9 month diet project followed by a nine-hour exercise program and I am ready to ski with the kids. Jeff rocks!

3 Month Update

  • 3 months ago we started working together your health objectives: namely losing fat and gaining fitness. Which habits did you develop that allow you to sustain your success?
    • The order in which I eat food changed to leave carbs last.
    • The amount of carbs I consumed dropped significantly and my observation of where carbs are within the food choices changed.
    • I seek out amount of carbs before making the choice to eat it, and then I value the amount of carbs in the food as to whether I should expend my budget on that food:
      • i.e. is that food worth it to eat?
“My old diet had too many carbs and made me hungry all the time.”
  • In your own words, describe what is easy or what is hard when sticking with with your healthy habits?
    • I find it difficult to constrain my carb levels to near 100 carbs/day.
      • I find 175 much more manageable, but ineffective when losing weight.
    • I find it easier to manage if I don’t eat carbs in the morning.
      • If I do, then I have cravings, all day, that are hard to manage.
    • I find eating the desired amount of fiber very difficult and I haven’t found good food choices high in protein, low in carbs and high in fiber.
    • I do find it easier to manage the number of calories because of the psyllium husks to add bulk.
      • This feeling of fullness that I always thought was carbs might actually be fiber.
      • Further, I find it easy to eat a full high protein breakfast, have a protein shake and psyllium husks for lunch and then a big dinner.
      • This is easy to manage rather than trying to split the daily calorie intake to 1/3 for each meal.
“The carb load that I was subjecting my body to even at a diminished calorie intake was simply too great.”
  • How do you assess or measure yourself to see if you are staying on track with your health and fitness habits?
    • I track all my food intake and I measure my body measurements every week.
    • I measure using centimeters and I can see the fat disappearing.
    • I track all of my steps to see where I am at versus the 10K target.
“I had to buy a smaller bathing suit.”
  • You’ve traveled on business and/or had guests stay with you. How did you maintain your health and fitness habits
    on the road or when hosting?

    • I keep tracking my food intake and steps.
    • I have found that the daily health regiment is very consistent at home or on travel.
    • On travel I try to skip lunch altogether to allow for wine or desserts in my calorie budget.
“I lose weight while on vacation even with the desserts and wine. I love it!”
  • What nutrition/fitness habit changes did you make in terms of how you socialize?
    • I accommodate social meals using lower intake in prior meals and allow myself to just relax and enjoy the event and the meals with others.
      • It is not stressful.
    • The give and take within a day have made a big difference in diet management.
      • I just never thought about it before.
“Eat the donut or drink the wine then go for a walk = a ‘win-win’ outcome. It is possible!”
  • You are a busy executive with many responsibilities. How do you find the time to be healthy?
    • Mostly focused on calorie/diet tracking.
    • Walking is my focus and I do try to skip or have a late breakfast and a small lunch.
    • It is not difficult at all!
  • If you could go back and do anything different about improving your nutrition or fitness, what would you change?
    • I would have hoped to learn more quickly that the carb load that I was putting on my body was dramatically high.
    • I would have focused more on how I feel after meals with bulk and I would have liked to know straight away that the amount of veggies and fruit that I eat was woefully low.
    • Someone should have simply said that I can eat as much as I want, but to keep carbs under 125g.
      • This knowledge is key to feeling empowered about this whole diet process.
“Reducing my carbs in the morning reduced my cravings later in the day.”
  • What was the hardest thing for you to change?
    • I can’t easily find the right food if I don’t make it at home.
    • Restaurant choices are still difficult.
      • I find it humorous to see waiters take my order when I order double veggies AND a salad.
      • I think they don’t see anyone eat like they should.
  • What do you enjoy the most about your healthy lifestyle? What inspires you to keep it day after day?
    • This is a change in lifestyle and I think that I like my food more.
    • I keep seeing the fat disappear, which is so encouraging and I know the key now.
    • I just need time to pass using these habits and I will achieve any weight target I set.
“I enjoy food much more now.”
  • How do you feel now compared to when you first started out?
    • I have always felt pretty good, sleeping well and full of energy.
    • Mentally, I feel better and more confident that I am not that fat guy eating that big ass burger.
    • I look better and I get to buy new clothes soon.
    • I am not that guy that throws up my hands saying I have always been this big and I can’t really do anything about it.
“Coaching creates an “Enablement” mindset not a “Deprivation” mindset.”
  • What has surprised you the most about the health changes you’ve made?
    • It is not that hard.
    • Knowledge of the carb load levels has given me a hard target that I can manage around.
      • It is like hitting sales numbers. Just get there by managing it.
  • There are lots of people who are in your “Day 1” shoes. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for those folks? What can you say to those people to help make positive changes to their health or fitness?
    • The past is gone, the reasons for you not achieving your weight are false.
    • I can give you the power to make any weight you target achievable and it won’t be hard if you just do a little bit of counting and eat within the boundaries that you set.
    • Set tough goals and you will lose weight fast.
    • Set moderate goals and you will change how you look at food for the rest of your life.
“I feel 100% in control, being healthy is not a battle.”
  • What do you like best about health coaching?
    • Health feels good so working out feels good.
    • I am empowered my control of my health like never before by bring to bear the right knowledge and focus my mind on the key issues.
“Coaching works. It hasn’t been hard and I didn’t have to starve myself.”