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You’ve been growing your business and putting off your health for a while. But now you are getting one of these signals its time to take action:

  • You have a high pressure job, high cortisol, and stress-eat.
  • Your family depends on you as their protector and provider.
  • You are tired of being overweight and out of shape.
  • You are competing against younger and stronger rivals.
  • A family member or colleague close to you became very ill.
  • Your doctor gave you a negative report about your health.
  • In college you were athletic, but now you feel pathetic.
  • You look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened?
  • You don’t have time to be sick — you are vital to your business.

I am the leading online men’s health coach to busy executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world.

If you have no time to exercise, hate the gym or travel extensively - I can help you lead stronger and lead longer.

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The Success Paradox

Recognize this paradox? Being a successful leader in the workplace means more responsibilities and more travel. Success also means more expectations from your boss, employees, and family (not to mention customers). The result? It’s a constant struggle to find enough time to get everything done. Especially staying healthy.

More Success = More Responsibilities = More Expectations = Less Time = Worse Health   

A Day In Your Life?

To get everything done, business leaders are ‘always on’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We get up early and work late. Work on the plane and at the hotel. Work from home and on the weekends. We put the mission and our team before ourselves. We prioritize: career comes first, family is a close second, everything else is a distant third. Working at this stressful pace begins to take its toll on our body. We gain more weight. We feel more tired. We don’t sleep well. We feel more irritable. We don’t like how we look in the mirror. We know we should be eating better: Eating less junk food. Drinking less alcohol. We know exercise is important. But we struggle to find the time, motivation, consistency and energy to do it. We realize we can’t afford a major illness. If we have health problems we want them at age 85, not 45.

My Life Went From Hero To Zero

I came up through the ranks in a Fortune 500 company as a manager, senior manager, and director doing high-tech R&D, mergers, and acquisitions. I’ve worked in multiple Silicon Valley startups as a VP of business development. Later I served as an advisor, board member and angel investor. I once personally closed a contract worth $42M. (All this is a matter of public record here).

At age 43 I experienced both the best and worst year of my life.

I was at the height of my professional career. I was a senior executive having just completed a successful high-tech IPO. I routinely closed 8-digit business deals and was an accredited investor with a mid–7 figure net worth. It was also the lowest point of my personal life. I was stressed out, 55 lbs overweight, and tired all the time. I was on the road up to 75% of the time. My kids took pictures of of me that I was embarrassed to look at. I was in pre-divorce counseling and I couldn’t remember the last time I saw my doctor.

I Can’t Take This Any More

At my lowest point I woke up one morning completely exhausted after a crappy nights sleep. I looked in my bathroom mirror and was ashamed of my reflection. I couldn’t stand how I looked and how I felt. I realized that my success at my work and providing for my family had come at the expense of my health. I was sick of being out of shape and feeling tired all the time. I remember the exact words I said to myself:

“I can’t go on like this anymore”.

How The Healthy Executive Got Started

That moment began my long journey to crack the executive health code. I was obsessed with achieving and sustaining lasting health results in the fast-paced business world. I researched for thousands of hours on medical sites and read hundreds of books on performance, nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep (to name just a few). I turned myself into a human guinea pig in my quest to find out what actually works. I waded through a lot of conflicting studies and ‘bro’ science (you know, the 23 year bodybuilders who are already healthy). I chewed through every diet and suffered through every exercise program. I logged every bite of food and every second of exercise.

My Executive Health Results

There came an ‘Aha!’ moment when I recognized I would be a stronger leader and better provider for my family if I took care of myself. Once that light bulb came on, it stayed on. The Healthy Executive was born.

The results? I lost the 55 lbs (from 219 to 164). Without dieting. I built a strong body in just a few minutes a day. I began sleeping better. My stress levels dropped. I became much more productive at work. I make consistently good choices on a daily basis. I am emotionally balanced at home. I know I will be around to provide for my kids for the long haul.

before and after I focused on Executive Health

before and after I became The Healthy Executive

What I Learned The Hard Way

If you are a successful leader in the workplace your time is a very scarce resource (the Success Paradox, remember?).

Let me save you many thousand hours of reading time and several years of learning by trial and error. Here are some personal-mastery and health truths I learned the hard way:

  1. imageNo one can do your push-ups for you. The longer I avoided taking action on my health, the worse I felt. I realized the male stereotype of being tough and ignoring my pain was flawed. When I realized that only I could take responsibility and action for my health, I immediately felt better about my situation.
  2. Long hours DECREASE productivity. You can’t burn the candle at both ends indefinitely. The longer I worked, the more I got tired, the more I got tired, the more time I needed to get my work done. I realized that there would be exactly zero shareholders coming to my funeral to thank me for all the extra hours I worked.
  3. Better health INCREASES productivity. If you think about it, the best asset class in the world to invest is yourself. I’ve invested and made a lot of money, but I’ve come to learn the greatest ROI comes from how we leverage our time. This means reallocating marginal-return time (excessive work hours) into a higher-return investment (your health).

Some other hard lessons life taught me: I lost money on large positions as a hedge fund manager. Two startups I was personally invested in failed. I was deposed as a witness by co-founders and angel investors who sued each other. I am on the road up to 75% of the time and worry about the effects on my kids. I mention these things because I have struggles too and want to be honest about it.

My Unfair Advantage

Optimizing my health revolutionized my business productivity.

I continuously search for optimal solutions that give maximum results in minimum time for the lowest cost. My approach is rational, objective, logical, analytical, scientific, data-driven, evidence-based, pragmatic, and action-oriented. It’s literally something I cannot help doing. You can see published samples of my work on The Ladders,  Men’s Health Network, PsychCentral,  White Coat Fitness,  Alex Fergus, Personal Leadership Insights, Drive For Men’s Health, MoneyForLunchThe Good Men Project and LinkedIn Pulse.

What The Healthy Executive Does

I provide executive health information (pro bono) and on-demand digital coaching (by arrangement).

The pro bono information is my way of paying back all my mentors who helped me succeed. They too understood the Success Paradox, and inspire me to “pay it forwards” by freely sharing solutions with other leaders in the workplace. The on-demand digital coaching is for the 75% of leaders who don’t need more information, but do want to find time put it consistently into action. Sessions are done by mobile phone, tablet, or laptop (video, voice, text messaging, email) and can be scheduled on a 7×24 basis (in recognition of travel schedules and international time zones).

I offer subject-matter expertise and proven best practices for:
  • Time – do you struggle to find time to be healthy?
  • Weight Loss – do you need to lose 15 lbs or more?
  • Sleep – how can you sleep better and get more done?
  • Stress – overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done?
  • Body – are you happy with how you look?
  • Energy – are you tired a lot of the time?
  • Motivation – can you take consistent action daily?
  • Travel – can you manage nutrition and exercise on the road?
  • Habits – are you happy with your daily health choices?
  • Fitness – how can you get fit in just 2.5 hours a week?
  • Nutrition – do you need to cut back junk food and alcohol?
  • Longevity – how can you provide for your family long term?
  • Approach – confused by conflicting studies and advice?

I’ve spent years figuring out what works so you don’t have to. Why reinvent the wheel?

Here’s The Next Step…

You can lead stronger and lead longer, but only if you take action.

Learn how by getting your free monthly updates that contain practical and actionable executive health tips: 


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